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Q Institute is the world's first institute dedicated to spreading knowledge and techniques aimed at becoming independent and happy. Our motto is: Change the World, Starting with You.


Dr. Marco Fincati is the creator of the RQI Method ®. After graduating in Statistics at Padua University, he worked for years as a sales representative for a major supplier of herbal products. He then spent another 3 years as an independent researcher of disciplines, techniques and products for well-being and self-healing, drawn in particular towards 'holistic' disciplines, that have a very different approach compared to Western medicine.
It has been a long and exciting 'journey', but also expensive, with tens of thousands of Euros invested in training and years of full-time commitment.
Suffering from a disabling health condition, that he couldn't resolve, he decided to experiment his discoveries on himself, leading him to successfully recover from his ailment.
The extensive hands-on experience, and the great knowledge achieved studying these disciplines, led Dr. Fincati to devise the RQI Method ® (Integrated Quantum Rebalancing), which combines Ancient Philosophies and Knowledge with the findings of New Contemporary Science.
Thanks to the method thus devised, after overcoming his health problems, Dr. Fincati was able to help hundreds of people to identify the real causes of their problems and the best solutions to solve them.

Dr. Enrico Caldari, creator of Q Life - Free from the System (R), is an independent researcher, with expertise in the areas of marketing, public communication and new media. Since 2005, he has specialised in monetary systems and environmental sustainability, and since 2010, he has been contributing to public awareness and understanding, addressing audiences at more than 60 conferences in Italy and abroad. He also writes on a blog called Kaldari Report.
He graduated cum laude in Statistical Science at Bologna University, and completed his PhD in Sociology and Social Research in Trento.
During his studies, he worked with an important research institute in Bologna, dealing with political communication, and contributed to one of the first Italian local newspapers online. He has worked as a local councillor, dealing with regional development and touristic promotion, and has also held positions of responsibility within different companies, contributing to the their development in the fields of New Media and Sustainability.
In 2013, together with Dr. Marco Fincati, he founded Q Institute, the world’s first institute dedicated to disseminating the knowledge and techniques required to become independent at every level. Q Institute’s headquarters are in San Marino (first independent republic in the world and "Ancient Land of Freedom"). On November 1, 2013 over 600 people attended the first Q Day – dedicated to Self-Well-Being - the biggest event of its kind ever organized in San Marino.